As known as Anastasia Errytha Wulandari. Just got called "Sir" by some people. Javanese blooded girl. an amateur photographer. a Sagittarian. born in Bekasi. mostly live in Jakarta.

Black long straight hair, neither big nor skinny. day dreamer. not a sleepwalker. addicted to Spongebob. a bit childish, a half crazy, and a little bit abnormal.


Spongebob Squarepants, blogging, Twitter, Canon 550D, traveling to some random places, Maroon 5, sushi, lollipop, good books, good movies, good songs, DVDs, Chocolate, ice cream, vintage things. Not a calories haters.


A college student, an infamous bathroom singer, amateur photographer, failed chef that only cooked eggs, neither bad nor good daughter.



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It's a blog full of the things that I love, some stuffs and pictures will be share. Take some snack not your cigarettes, and enjoy it.

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