Friday, June 17, 2011

This is Why I Love 2PM

I just wanna say...
Thank You Lyric
eotteoke malhal jil mollaseo eotteon mallada mojaraseo
amu maldo hal su eobseosseo neomuna gomawoseo eotteokhal jul mollaseo
wae naega joheun geonji i manheun saram junge nareul gareun geonji
nan haejul su inneun ge neomu mojaraseo i norael mandeureosseo
So I thank you thank you thank you
And I love you love you love you
nan amugeotdo motaejwonneunde
neon kkeuteobsi jugiman haneunde wae
So I thank you thank you thank you
And I love you love you love you
niga bonaejun sarang ttaemune
naega yeogi seoisseo ireoke
nareul saranghamyeo saneun ge neomuna himdeungeol aneunde
neoneun gyesok geu jarieseo byeonhameobsi seoisseo ojik nareul wihaeseo
wae doraseojil annni neomuna himdeul tende
wae gyesok saranghani nan eotteoke neoege
gapeul jul mollaseo i norael mandeureosseo
neoui geu maeum heullin geu nunmul geu modeun geot da itji anheulge
English Translation
I didn't know I was going to tell you like this
No words were enough
I couldn't say anything
I was so thankful
I didn't know what to do
Why do you like me
Why do you choose me among so many people
What I could do for you is so lacking
So I made this song for you
So I thank you thank you thank you
And I love you love you love you
I wasn't able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping
So I thank you thank you thank you
And I love you love you love you
Because of the love you gave me,
I'm standing here like this
I know how difficult it is
to live while loving me
But you keep standing in that place
without any change
Just for me
Why don't you turn around
It must be so tiring for you, why do keep loving me
I didn't know how to repay you again
So I made this song
That heart of yours
The tears you cried
All that, I won't forget it

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dita's 18

It is my best friend's birthday again, Andita Rahma.
Happy birthday dear.
This is your birthday present from me and Anri.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dani Shay - What The Hell Lyrics

I can't say anything, I just love HER! Yeah, it's her not him. But she's just looks like Justin Bieber.
And here is her video on youtube:
What The Hell - Dani Shay
I guess you know this
I guess you care
About the why I
Flip my hair
You say it's Bieber
You say it's hot
But let me tell you no
it's no it's no it's not
Am I on TV
Girl quit playin'
He looks just like me
What are you sayin'
Said there's another
Looks can sings like you
And he's on every single channel of youtube
And I was like...
What the hell are you talking about
I was like
What the hell are you talking about
I was like
What the hell are you talking about
This face is always been mine... mine (2x)
Oh Ooo I knew
This couldn't be my real life
I must be dreaming this living myself in real time
But I gotta play cool
Until I know it's true
So then I finally turn on my magz to see
This Justin Bieber
Oh no this can't be
You gotta shake me 'til you wake me from this bad dream
I'm going down down down down
And I just can't believe
A mini me, Is now been found
And I was like...
I'm 22 years old
And yes I'm quite confused
Is ain't nobody got the same mom and daddy except my ---
Who are you?
You got me goin' crazy
What am I supposed to do?
They're screamin' "uuu sing baby"
But don't mine sounds good too?
I have my own words
I'll make it thick if you listen to me sing
and maybe I'll rap the first too
Cause that the blow up bring in
You know this can't be easy
Seeing that face on TV
Cause I want you to see me
So I just keep on sayin'
So am I all gone
Am I all gone
Am I gone gone gone gone
No I'm not

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I always listen to this song together with my best friend, Adel. Today I listen to this song again. It reminds me of my Junior High School.
I used to think that this is one of Japanese song, but, finally, I know this song comes from the Swedish musical group, Caramell.
I really like the English Version.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anri's 18

Sorry for the late post. It's just about my bestie's birthday (May 26th), Elisabeth Anri Bunga (happy birthday dear :*), really excited to prepare a surprise for you.
Here are some photos from yesterday's surprise:
Sorry for the worst cake ever :"(
The preparation
Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great year :)
Source: Bram