Thursday, December 9, 2010

Am I That Big?

I really hope today will be a fun day. I really hope so. And it's really a fun day, begin with so much book I put on my backpack. It's so heavy. And I hate to bring it to school. Hmmm... a good morning to meet my friend. They say "hello..." and I say "hai...". Put a big smile on my face, and I said, "I'm ready to start this day..." First subject, Indonesian Language : Good... Second subject, Sociology : BORING! Third subject, Geography : MORE BORING!! -break time- Fourth subject, Math : Fun -No teacher- Fifth subject, English : Lot of fun -No teacher- ......And the day closed with..... (Drum Roll) Sixth subject, Accounting !!! : What a perfect end (read: so boring boring) Okey, That's still nothing. The worst thing of today is, When Anthaony came to me and suddenly he asked me, "Don't you wanna do some diet?" --Really, I'm shocked--
Am I That Big??? But, the best thing today is: I bought some gift for my besties : Anna and Dedra. Happy Birthday you all !!!!! :)

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